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Apple Safari and other thoughts

Safari LogoI never knew that Apple Safari was available for Windows, until few days back. Despite my unaffordability of a iMac or a Time Capsule, due to its price, I’m a huge fan of Apple and Steve Jobs. So I need not express, how happy I was 🙂 .

The look and feel is really gorgeous and simple. Being a compulsive Firefox user, I always had complaints about the Firefox’s rendering. Safari’s rendering is the best I have seen so far. Its smooth and makes any crappy web page looks attractive.

Another feature that I liked about Safari is, its proxy and connection settings. It shares the settings with the Internet Explorer. Unlike Firefox which has a separate proxy settings of its own, Safari’s sharing with IE makes it very easy for me. I will tell you why, I have to set the proxy when I work from my office and have to disable it when I work from home. When I was using Firefox, each and every time I shuttle between my office, I have to go and change the settings in both the browsers. (My company’s products are not yet tailored for Firefox, so I cannot escape from IE 😥 ). So now, the life is simple with Safari.

Extending the same concept, why don’t the browsers share the following from the Operating System:

  • Browsing History 
  • Form details (other than password, info like user id, name and address)
  • Bookmarks & Favorites
  • Plugins (why should I download and install plug-ins for each and every browser)

These features will make users to use as much as browsers as possible. Firefox has huge gamut of extensions, which I have not seen in IE or Safari. Safari’s cool and gorgeous UI. IE for websites which are lazy and arrogant enough to support other browsers. 

 At the end of the day, end users get best of all the worlds !