Wiki Paint

My brother is doing a project in his college as part of his curriculum. He likes to call it as Collaborative Paint, but I like the term Wiki Paint. You know anything based or remotely connected to Wiki is cool and attractive in this Web 2.0 world (think of Cool enough to get a coverage in our local newspaper 🙂
But anyways, I liked the concept of this Wiki Paint. I don’t know if there are tools already existing in the market, which does this (apart from the MSN NetMeeting’s Whiteboard, which of course is based on a software on your client).
For now, the Wiki Paint is very very rudimentary in its shape.But, when everything is in place (time and effort, which is less because he is still preparing for his exams), I think this could be used as the following:

  • Editing huge posters and images
  • Collaborative Designing
  • Simple broadcast (it would be nice, if it gives the audio as well)

My brother told about this idea a year back and I was excited about this idea. When I said this to some of friends, many were skeptical about the business value and innovation behind this idea. Today, there is news about the Google India selecting few “product prodigies” and awarding them. And the first prize goes to a project, to the idea of “Collaborative Paint” for some grads at IIT Bombay. Congrats guys. So the race now would be who productizes this idea and markets better.

Now I don’t have to explain my friends about the business value and innovation !


2 comments so far

  1. Mike on

    This looks pretty cool. I’ve been meaning to learn how to use action script with flash or flex and make a really simple collaborative drawing program for my website, so people can draw over top of each other like a smaller version of (sadly can’t find anything out there that does this yet)

  2. mayooresan on

    I tagged you here.. Plz accept my invitation

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